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DA's Meeting with IACEC

DA's Meeting with IACEC

Sacramento District Attorney, Thien Ho, recently held a meeting with members of the Iranian American Cultural Educational Center (IACEC). During the meeting, he emphasized the multitude of opportunities available in the United States compared to other countries around the world, such as China, Vietnam, the Middle East, and various other places where individuals may not enjoy the same level of freedom. He acknowledged the success experienced by the attendees and highlighted the importance of unity in achieving progress.

As the top law enforcement official in the county, the district attorney's primary responsibility is to ensure the safety and well-being of the community. He expressed his commitment to creating an environment where families can feel secure, where religious practices can be freely observed, where businesses can flourish, and where individuals can simply enjoy their lives. Central to this objective is the pursuit of justice for all members of society.

Addressing public safety concerns, Thien Ho identified homelessness as a significant issue impacting the community. He deemed it inhumane to allow people to live in such conditions and stressed the importance of focusing on housing programs. Additionally, he acknowledged the role played by drug abuse and mental health in contributing to this problem. Collaborating with the sheriff's department and local police departments, the district attorney aims to address these challenges effectively.

Regarding criminal activities, Thien Ho emphasized the need for accountability. Offenses such as drug abuse, theft, and stealing will be prosecuted. However, in cases where crimes are committed due to drug addiction, alternative approaches are being implemented. Instead of serving jail time, individuals are given the opportunity to undergo treatment in dedicated facilities. This approach prioritizes rehabilitation while still holding individuals responsible for their actions, particularly in cases of theft or shoplifting.

In addition to focusing on public safety, Thien Ho expressed a desire to empower new immigrants through the creation of community councils. These councils would serve to educate immigrants about their rights and responsibilities while addressing any obstacles or needs they may face. The district attorney plans to meet with the leaders of various ethnic community councils to foster communication and gain a deeper understanding of their specific concerns.

Thien Ho concluded the meeting by acknowledging his unique perspective as the first district attorney from a minority background. He assured the attendees that he understands their experiences and is committed to advocating for their rights and well-being. The district attorney then took the time to answer questions from the audience, further demonstrating his dedication to open dialogue and transparency.

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