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Vision & Mission


We envision a future when the Iranian-American professional community has established a strong bond among its members as well as with the larger community in the Northern California region. We shape the future by preserving our heritage, continuously learning new knowledge, and instilling new resources to provide an excellent service to the greater Sacramento community.

As a community-based educational and social organization, Iranian American Cultural and Educational Center is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit, dedicated to helping the Iranian-American and other immigrant communities realize their full potential as informed, self-reliant, and responsible members of the American society.​

Our mission is to be the catalyst for social, civic, and economic integration of immigrants from Farsi–speaking communities, into the larger American society, such as offering educational, linguistic, and trade skills needed for our Farsi–speaking community members to be successfully integrated.

The primary objective of IACEC (a.k.a. Bamdade California) is to preserve and promote historic Iranian culture and assist with integrating the Iranian-American community into the greater society. We achieve this by offering a range of opportunities for professionals to network, inviting guest speakers, and skill-building workshops. It is expected that IACEC’s programs will strengthen the collaborative culture among Sacramento’s professional community members to help them realize their highest potential and enable them to provide high-quality services to their customers.

Iranian-American cultural and educational Center achieves its mission primarily by providing extensive educational and social services. Our multilingual staff includes case managers and social workers who serve the needs of our community by providing a full range of professional and educational services, including scholarships, apprenticeship classes to gain marketable skills, assisting with finding jobs, and more.

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